Susan Greenfield

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Baroness Greenfield's book You and Me: The Neuroscience of Identity will be published in paperback by Notting Hill Editions on 21st February 2017

Posted by on 15 February 2017

Identity has never been so much in the spotlight - or rather its vulnerability and fragility in a digital culture that breaches the normal firewall of individuality and privacy. Whilst the neuroscience perspective presented here cannot come up with easy answers, it articulates meaningful questions and offers new insights.

You and Me offers a fascinating look at the relationship between identity and neuroscience in the age of social media. Written in a smart, conversational style, You and Me will appeal to fans of Oliver Sacks, and those who want to learn about the effects of digital technologies and social media on cognitive functions, particularly on children’s growing brains.

Greenfield argues that as the brain adapts exquisitely to environment, the cultural challenges of the 21st century with its screen-based technologies, mean that we are facing unprecedented changes to identity itself.

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